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Bon Journal began on 30th April 2001 as a continuation of the consecutive 365-day Diary of Anne Ku which was inspired by a safari in Kenya.

Initially, founder Anne Ku built upon the platform for self-expression at analyticalQ.com, a stage for the public appearance of her thoughts and musings. Through these daily online entries, visitors and other accidental tourists "stumble" upon the different sections of analyticalQ. Soon Bon Journal became an entity in its own right.

In the last few years, the practice of blogging (online publication of personal diaries) became a popular form of self-expression. Bon Journal is more than a blog, however. It is intended for public consumption, for its readers to read and react freely.

What is self-expression? It's about knowing what you want to say and being able to say it the way you intend for it to be understood. Do you merely repeat what you've heard? Do you say what is expected of you? Are you afraid to offend? Do you get misunderstood?

It is therapeutic to be able to express yourself, to vent, to react, to reflect, to question, to probe, to provoke, to excite, to entertain, to challenge, etc. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right. Unfortunately, this right is not always exercised or enjoyed. And it takes a lot of practice to be able to say it right and to say it well.

From the online entries of Bon Journal came compilations around a theme in the 2-page Le Bon Journal newsletters. Here you can find themes on music, writing, decision making, love, clutter, home renovations, smoking, travel, and other subjects of interest.

In early 2004, the multi-contributory Le Bon Journal (LBJ) e-zine was launched to reflect multiple perspectives and experiences. Contributors are invited to submit up to 700 words on the theme of the specific issue. The purpose of the e-zine is to draw sufficient and sustained readership to attract sponsorship for the arts.

In 2005, The Bon Journal Decision Making Guide was published with contributions from invited experts on different aspects of personal decision making, including relationships and careers. Supporters of Bon Journal can sign up for this e-book by contacting the editor.

Reader contribution and feedback are most welcome, as always. To keep the contents of Bon Journal alive, free, and independent, readers are encouraged to show their support.

Le Bon Journal Reviews are collections of reviews of opera, music competitions and festivals, to share the concert-going experience with a broader audience.

New! Reflections of an early blogger, 23 February 2009

Anne Ku in 2001
Anne Ku
writes about her travels, conversations, thoughts, events, music, and anything else that is interesting enough to fill a web page.
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An old Chinese saying when you have an opinion that you cannot express:
ru gugeng zai hou, bu tu bu kuai
as if, fishbone, in, throat, no spit, not happy