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Shoving it up the loft

The beauty of living in my house is that I have everything I need and love within reach. My kitchen is equipped with everything I need to cook and eat well. My closet contains all the clothes I own and wear.

After spending almost three months disposing of those belongings I no longer wish to keep, I have reached an almost optimal state of minimalist living. I say "almost" because the optimal minimalism is only experienced in five star designer hotels. There are some unwanted Christmas gifts that must be recycled back to the general population. And there are some leftovers from my declutter sale which demand a longer time to get the attention of potential buyers: rollerblades, Sony Walkman, and books.

It's still not quite minimalist enough to rent out my house. The English say "let" instead of "rent" because you are letting someone else live in your house.

I've been advised by estate agents to remove everything that has personal value. Out of sight out of mind, as the saying goes. Don't lead my tenants to temptation. Equally, don't haunt them with my self-portraits.

I started shoving everything in my closets up the loft. All my clothes, shoes, scarves, belts, and binders of important documents. Next I moved all my books into the loft. I removed all traces of myself, including photos of my family and friends. I even closed the lid of my piano.

When everything was out of sight, I climbed into the loft. It's the largest room in the house and the least used. There is enough space for me to sleep and work in it. If I am homesick, I will buy myself a room heater and live in it. Here in the loft are all the possessions I don't want anyone else to have or use. That's how I feel now.

If I leave my things long enough in my loft, I will eventually forget about them. Like everyone else in this world, the loft is a place to put the things you don't normally use. The things will depreciate over time. One day I will wonder why I even bothered to keep them.

3 January 2004 Saturday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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