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Full moon birthday

"Ik ben jarig."

It's not my birthday, but the 12th birthday of a sweet little girl who likes hearts and the colour pink.

What do you give to a girl of 12?

When I was 12, I wished my glasses would break so that I didn't have to wear them. I played the piano and read books. I learned to cook when my mother was away. I was a solitary person interested in doing the best in school so that my parents could be proud of me. I was slow and clumsy in sports but quick in mathematics.

This little girl is vivacious, loved by her parents, grandparents, and her uncle who surprised her by a visit from Singapore. She loves to draw, paint, sing, dance, do gymnastics, and express herself. She is full of goodness and wonder.

It's as much a party for her as it is for the adults who surround her. These days, people don't live right next to each other or conveniently down the street. Getting together is logistically cumbersome and expensive.

But people are social animals, who by nature, need to socialise. And occasions as special as today should be celebrated.

The moon was full after the birthday party. I've come a full circle meeting the rest of the family. Yet, in the fullness lies an emptiness.

Celebrating such occasions with other families reminds me how such occasions aren't celebrated in mine. Distance. Ambivalence. Higher priorities. Lack of will. Or more correctly, lack of a tradition. And lack of leadership.

7 March 2004 Sunday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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