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Danish design of space and light

Upon arriving at Copenhagen airport, the first thing one notices is the generous amount of space and natural light afforded by the famous Danish design.

High ceilings and deliberate wide aisles give weary, couped-up passengers a feeling of freedom, an escape from the claustrophobia of flying. Minimalism of colour, shape, and variety adds peace to the sense of freedom.

The apparent "newness" of the Copenhagen airport is extended by the single escalator to the train station below. The entire journey from the airport into the city centre by train, the S-train, and the metro is an example of how the unique blend of colour and design can transform what-would-otherwise be a tiresome experience into an artistic one.

In the city centre, that is, near the Opera House, there is again this sense of space, which signals the affluence of an advanced society.

Inside the Glyptoteket, which is next to the famous Tivoli Park, the intersection of nature (indoor botanical garden), sculpture, and fine art provides the visitor with a fine example of how all that pleases the eye can be combined with good design. Here one can see the largest collection of Paul Gaugin's work outside of Paris.

Elsewhere in Copenhagen, one can see examples of Danish design and architecture. There is no clutter, except perhaps in Pusher Street in Christiana where vandalism has become a kind of art. The houses in Christiana, however, are uniquely designed and personally built - a risky venture since the land doesn't belong to the house owners. There lies the remnants of so-called liberal living in nature, accompanied by the philosophies of the more esoteric.

In a world of growing population, untiring want for the material and satiation of the physical, it is easy to forget how simplicity, minimalism, and Danish design of space and natural light can make people feel comfortable and free. What could be more important than feeling free and comfortable to express oneself and live as one wants?

4 April 2004 Sunday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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