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My Philips webcam suffered a long and bumpy ride in my backpack from Taipei to Bangkok to Singapore. It never occurred to me that it would protest and refuse to cooperate. No matter how I adjusted it, I couldn't get it to focus.

In Taichung while selecting a new PC for my father, I was tempted by the digital cameras, notebook computers, and other high tech offerings. Now in Singapore's Funan IT centre, I am faced with yet another temptation, as if technology is giving me a second chance.

"Buy me," the price labels screams at me. "It will be more expensive in Holland. And you won't get nearly the variety."

I want to get my webcam fixed. But it seemed easier to buy a new one, if only there weren't so many varieties. I want one that could clip onto my Dell Latitude notebook. I want one that I could zoom in and out, like the Logitech cam that my friend has. I want one that could project my face in the dark evenings that I'm online.

Having lost and mourned my Sony cybershot digital camera two months ago, I did not think that I deserved another digital camera so soon. I had decided to punish myself by doing without. At least for awhile.

So what should I do now? Given that I'm so photo happy and so in need of showing my face to my loved ones, should I get a webcam and a digital camera in Singapore where variety and bargains taunt the unsuspecting tourist?

24 April 2004 Saturday

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