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Snap out of it

Have you ever had one of days in which you can't seem to get out of bed? Worse, have you ever lie awake trying to think of reasons to get out of bed and face the day?

Some people experience this for days and weeks. What can you do to snap out of it?

Here are some ways:

Open the curtains and let the sun shine in. You'll be surprised what the sun can do for you. Unfortunately, the sun is not always there for you. In the winter, and sometimes even in the spring, the sun is asleep behind the clouds. And the greyness of the day makes your mood blacker still.

Turn on some bright and spanky music. Yesterday I selected my favourite "go get it" songs, like Starship's "We Built This City." The beat is contagious and soon you'll be dancing.

Go out and exercise. Exercise produces endorphins which make you happy and want to live. When you stay immobile in bed, endorphins aren't released. You get into a vicious circle where Newton's Law applies: it takes an action to get a reaction.

Think of all the things you have to do. After awhile, the list overwhelms you, and you are pushed to get out of bed to get on with it. Yesterday I made a mental list of all that awaited me: shopping for groceries at the farmer's market, finishing my composition homework, updating my online journal, ...

Call someone who will force you out of bed. Either they get so irritated that they shout at you or they talk you into getting out of bed.

Wait for nature to call. Eventually you have to get up and go to the bathroom. Or you get so hungry and thirsty that you have to get up. It is impossible to lie in bed all day. But it is possible to get up and then get back in bed. So waiting for nature isn't always the best solution.

Think of all the opportunities (interesting activities) you're missing by staying in bed. This sort of "kia-soo" mentality works if you're the type of person who doesn't like to miss out on things. You simply can't live your life by staying in bed.

Make a mental note to forget the past. Just dump it. It's sunk cost. It happened. It's not worth a minute of your precious time to gloat in it or dwell on it. Commit to forgetting the past and not let it affect you.

You'll have to snap out of it before you can pull yourself out of this black hole that you've dug. So do it before it takes you over completely!

14 May 2004 Friday

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