Monument House in Utrecht, Netherlands

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front of monument house in Utrecht   canal in front of house in Utrecht
bigger version of canal in front of house in Utrecht   next canal or is it the same of house in Utrecht
ducks in Utrecht   open canal in Utrecht
bridges in Utrecht

Even further along you can witness canal bridges that open up for boats to pass.

houseboat, heren houses, birds, canal in Utrecht
houseboats in canal in Utrecht   windmill in Utrecht
View of canal from SW facing room   Southwest facing room in Utrecht
Tulips in Utrecht

The daffodils are the first to brave the first of spring, followed by tulips (left), irises, roses, foxgloves, hortensias, and more. What is the name of the vertical flower on the left? Can you name the other flowers in the front garden?

Flowers in Utrecht
back of house in Utrecht

The back garden is used by owners and for house concerts. The front garden has a better and more peaceful view -- of the canal.

Back garden of monument house in Utrecht

Foxgloves of monument house  in Utrecht

If you like flowers, visit here for photos of the flowers in bloom in the spring and summer at the Monument House Utrecht.

Bridges nearby

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