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My last 2-page Le Bon Journal newsletter was compiled almost a year ago, before I became too busy to bother. This unfinished business, the desire to compile and edit a new issue every month, has preyed on my conscience.

I don't like to start projects that I can't finish. That is how clutter begins. Unfinished projects, like clothes you buy but never wear, demand closure. And the lack of closure demands attention.

When you've left something alone for awhile, it takes new momentum to get started again. My friend said the same of finishing his house, "Either I finish what I've started in five days or it lies unfinished for five weeks. I get used to it."

So I got used to only 16 issues of Le Bon Journal newsletters. That's 12 issues in the first year and 4 in the second.

I must finish the second volume, I decided. Le Bon Journal will now metamorphosize into an e-zine with contributions from people I invite - my guests. There has to be a difference between my 2-page PDFs and the multi-page PDFs.

All it takes is a good site search engine, like the one provided by my web host. I've written about so many topics already. It's time to revisit to find out what is interesting still.

With this decision, I compiled the eight topics and proceeded to populate my Word template. Next is to re-order and edit each piece. The final step is to print them as Adobe Acrobat files and load them onto the Bon Journal newsletter section.

7 February 2004 Saturday

Volume 2 Issue 5:
Organising concerts, soirees, and parties
Volume 2 Issue 6:
PhD = piled higher and deeper?
Volume 2 Issue 7:
Running after and out of time
Volume 2 Issue 8:
Decluttering and letting go of clutter
Volume 2 Issue 9:
September 11th, Black Tuesday 911
Volume 2 Issue 10:
Travel stories by independent traveller
Volume 2 Issue 11:
Computer has broken, with not a warning
Volume 2 Issue 12:
Home improvement and renovations, do it yourself
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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
Anne Ku

writes about her travels, conversations, thoughts, events, music, and anything else that is interesting enough to fill a web page.
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