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Lined curtains to fit Dutch windows

The windows in Dutch houses are several times bigger than those in English houses. There is more window than wall space in the former, and reversed in the latter.

When I was hounded by window salesmen a few years ago, I expressed my desire to get the largest glass possible for my windows. The salesmen said such glass wasn't available. I'd have to get two windows to fit into a window frame.

Ideally, I'd like to make my windows larger. But I didn't think the English salesmen could imagine the possibility.

In Holland, the windows are not only big but always polished. The Dutch are house-proud and not afraid of hiding what's inside. Curtains are used only to keep their houses warm at night.

Other than my own old green and lined curtains hanging in the living room and my never-used Laura Ashley cotton curtains hanging in the bedroom, the rest are second-hand, unlined, thin, and patterned. I have a pin-striped duvet cover hanging over my study window. This house is probably the joke of the neighbourhood, having been under renovation for over a year now.

Never have I been so obsessed with getting the right curtains to fit the windows. During the day, I don't mind, as I want the windows to be uncovered as much as possible to let in as much light as possible. At night, I need lined curtains to prevent the constant draught. It's also very disconcerting to look at ugly curtains.

Here are the measurements of the windows which require proper curtains. I've included the bedroom and the living room because the existing curtains are also temporary. The measurements are in centimetres.

Living room
197 (77.56 in)
174 (68.5 in)
My study
150 (59.05 in)
160 (62.99 in)
light blue
145 (4.75 ft)
160 (5.25 ft)
dark colour
Back study 1
155 (5.08 ft)
160 (5.25 ft)
light colour
Back study 2
80 (2.625 ft)
160 (5.25 ft)
light colour
Back study door
90 (2.95 ft)
210 (5.25 ft)
light colour

11 February 2004 Wednesday

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