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Something's gotta give

If you want to laugh and feel good for at least a day later, go see the movie "Something's gotta give."

Diane Keaton (born 1946) plays the 56 year old divorced playwright Erica Barry who is trying to write her next play.

Jack Nicholson (born 1937) plays the 63 year old playboy Harry Sanborn whose heart attack wakes him up to the reality of his age and his life.

These two seasoned actors make you feel as though you're watching them as they are, not as actors in a movie. This romantic comedy could easily be retitled "Not too late for love," whether you're a young woman attracted to an older man, a young man attracted to an older woman, or an older woman attracted to "someone your age."

The fact that women outlive men and that eligible men (attractive, financially secure) get taken ("snatched" is a better word) explains why there are so many more older single women than there are equally older single men. In the movie, Erica Barry's professorial sister theorises that older single men get to be playboys while older single women throw themselves at their work and become more productive (tho' less reproductive.)

There are exceptions to rule, of course. Sanborn's 36 year old doctor (played by Keanu Reeves) falls for Erica. He introduces himself as having seen all her plays and promptly invites her for dinner. This kind of reaction gives hope to those of us who aspire to write and be known for their writing.

Unfortunately, I am still easily impressed by looks and professions. If a good-looking doctor were to ask me out on a date, I'd probably be too flattered to say no. Erica lives in denial of her love for Harry until her toyboy diagnoses it and tells her to go back to her man. Luckily, the doctor is young and attractive, and he will have plenty of older women at his disposal.

16 February 2004 Monday

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