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Last seat on flight

Anxious to get back to London, I caught the next train to Schiphol airport. I was early enough to take the earlier flight. But would the airline allow me to check in?

The guy at the desk said that the earlier flight was pretty full. He checked me into my flight (the one after the next) and suggested that I ask at the gate if I can board the earlier one (the next one).

At the gate, the attendants told me that I might have to pay extra. My ticket was a class V - a mere £16 (excluding taxes) I had bought online. To get the last seat on the flight, I'd have to pay almost 200 Euros!

What is the value of my time? I'd rather spend the next two hours in London than sitting here at the airport. 200 Euros is a lot of money. I could buy two round-trip tickets in the off-peak season.

Why am I so anxious to get back to London?

My friend arrives from Kenya today. She's on her way to San Francisco the next morning. We've arranged to meet tonight.

It's not just to catch up. Last time we met was two or three years ago, in Earl's Court. This time I desperately wanted to ask her --- how did she cope with moving to Kenya, after London? From an independent, single, career woman to a married mother? From vibrant London to rural Kenya?

There are so many burning questions in my head. I took out my credit card and paid for a new ticket for this flight. The two extra hours I gain and spend with my friend are worth the 200 Euros.

18 February 2004 Wednesday

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