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Le Bon Journal is a multi-contributory collection of writings around a theme.

Le Bon Journal e-zine (electronic magazine) is a free publication for self-expression intended to promote the arts. Sponsors are sought for future issues. Please contact the editor at Bon Journal for details.

Future issues, topics on

  • house concerts for art music (classical music)
  • couples or families who make their homes in two or places in the world, e.g. Amsterdam and Hawaii
  • couples in the same profession, e.g. musical duo or other partnership
  • the secrets of making your dreams come true
  • people who have reinvented themselves over and over again

Previous e-zines: (free download)

The Le Bon Journal Guide to Decision Making (45 page e-book in PDF) is available for review. Please contact the editor to request.

Suggestions for future topics are most welcome, please contact the editor.

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Anne Ku, May 2001