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Asian seafood salad

- Vermicelli
- Coriander (looks a bit like celery)
- Cherry tomato
- Onion
- Shrimp (not too small), take off the skin
- Squid
- Sesame oil

For Dressing:
- Fish sauce (light and clear one and usually it is squid/fish sauce)
- Lemon
- Sugar
- Garlic
- Chilly (fruits)

Boil a pot of water, put in vermicelli and quickly take it out, drain water out, and stretch it on the flat tray, season a bit of sesame oil so that it won't stick together.

Boil another pot of water, put shrimps in (take the skin off, you can leave the tails for nice look but I don't as it is easier to eat without tails) and quickly boil. You take it out into the basket just when the water bubbles coming and drain it out and mix it with some salt (or a table spoon of fish sauce) and put it aside.

Do the same for squid and put aside.

Wash coriander, drain out water, and cut into small piece (2 cm). It depends how you like to eat this veggie. If you like the strong taste, cut it with longer pieces.

Cut cherry tomato into half or quarter, depends on how big the tomato is

Cut onions into thin slices (boat type meaning cutting along the onion)

It all depends on how you want it taste but basically it should have a mixed taste of salty, sour, sweet, spicy and garlic taste.

Chop down the garlic and chilly into very small pieces, (chop them fine).

Take one tbsp (tablespoon) of sugar and dissolve it in warm water (half cup).

Mix everything (sugar liquid, mashed garlic and chilly) with fish sauce, and squeeze one lemon in. Taste and adjust until you find it good enough. If it is too strong of fish sauce, put a bit of warm water in.

Mix the sauce with shrimps and squid and onion first, mix them up and down and after 5 minutes put vermicelli, and coriander, stir the mixture up and down and then comes cherry tomato. With cherry tomato, don't mix too hard as we want to keep the nice shape. Use the big bow to mix, else they will be crushed. Leave everything absorbed and serve it cold.

Again, I don't tell you how much of each ingredient you should use as it all depends on your taste and that is also how Asian kitchen is, learning by doing!!

Courtesy of Yen from Copenhagen

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
Anne Ku

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