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Only in my dreams

Here are the lyrics to a song for all the unanswered and unrequited loves in this world. The music contains several modulations, as can be seen in the chord progressions below. The midi file (MID) and a simple version (melody and chords) of the sheet music (PDF) will follow shortly, and maybe even an MP3 file (if I can get it recorded.) This is work in progress, so expect changes on this page in the next few days.

G, Bm, F, Am, G, F, G, Dm, F, G, F, G,Bm, F, G, Em, Bm, F, G, F, G, G7, Am, D7, F, Am, Ab, F, Dm, Am, Eb, F, Eb, F, Ab, Bb, Am, Eb, A, C#m, G, A, Fm, D, E, Bm, E, D, C#m, Bm, G, F, G, E, G#m, D, C#m, Bm, D, E, D, C, Bm, C#m, Bm, G, Em, D, E

Only in my dreams,
I see you smiling, walking up to greet me
Such a handsome face
How could I have guessed what's to become of us?
That very first time
We met face to face.

So long ago it seems,
We said everything that mattered most to us
What hurt us in the past
Who we'd cared for and those we rejected.
One night in the spring
We met face to face.

I remember when,
We were free to dance away from our loneliness
In our fantasies
You were charming and so very giving and kind
That instant our souls
first touched.

Only in my dreams,
You showed me the sunset and you warmed up my heart
That was in my dreams.
Did we ever meet?
Did we ever mean anything
that we said?

When I wake up now
I see only words that hurt me inside and out
I hear only things that tell me it's all a lie.
It's only a dream to forget,
A fantasy to regret.
If not a dream, why should you let me go?
How could I not say no?
How would we ever know?
Please tell me it isn't so.

---- Anne Ku


2 June 2004 Wednesday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
Anne Ku

writes about her travels, conversations, thoughts, events, music, and anything else that is interesting enough to fill a web page.
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