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Isolating the culprit

The Internet is off.

Darn! Why isn't it available just when I need it the most?

I check another computer. I check my Web sites.

No access.

I'll just work offline until it comes back on, I decide.

An hour later, I receive a text message on my mobile phone.

"Ur email bounced back."

Oh dear! My e-mail isn't working!

I reboot my computer. Still no access.

I call a colleague at home. He tells me to call the Internet provider.

The Internet provider tells me to look for the router. What does it look like, I ask. Meanwhile, he checks his system. The Internet is on, he says.

I call my colleague again. Where is the router?

It's on top of the filing cabinet.

Oh! I see it.

Hmmm. It's switched off. How did that happen?

The only person who might have been here since I left the office was the cleaner. My colleague recalls, yes, this has happened before.

Whew! I reset the router and reboot the server and my laptop.

Sure enough, I can get access to the Internet now.


I still can't get my e-mails.

Oh no!

I can't get access to my Web sites either.

It's not the Internet anymore.

It's my Web host.

I check the site of my Web host. Their phone number doesn't work. They don't reply to my e-mails. They don't acknowledge receipt of my e-mails.

What's going on?

Later I learn about the emergency server upgrade that lasted more than 12 hours.

11 July 2004 Sunday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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