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Five years on

She sees him the moment he enters the room. Dressed in a dark business suit, he does not stand out except the way he holds his brief case and the way he instantly smiles when spoken to. She is the only one who notices at this international conference. He looks worn and tired, probably jet lagged from California, if he is still living there.

Turning as though sensing her thoughts, his green eyes lock into hers. He walks towards her. She feels her pulse quicken.

Like strangers they greet each other with a handshake.

Like lovers their handshake melts lightning into their very bones. The rest of the morning becomes a blur as they wait for the first session to end.

During the coffee break, she avoids him and rushes to the ladies room. She has not expected to meet like this, not after five silent years. Has he changed? Is he still with the same company? She stares at herself in the mirror until she is ready to face the world.

He looks for her, weaving through the smartly dressed men and women in the exhibition hall, while trying not to appear too anxious. When she returns, he corners her in a deserted hallway.

Just one touch, his brushing her hair from her face, she remembers the last time they met. It was natural, just like this. The palm of his hand lingers on the crest of her slender back as he guides her into his muscled arms.

Unable to resist, they kiss like the first time, melting away an eternity of waiting, an eternity of memories.

Oblivious to the world around them, they continue to kiss --- a long, wanting kiss of desire and regret. There's a sense of urgency --- a kind of overdue desperation in this alien city.

"Where have you been?" he groans softly as he sinks his face into her neck while sliding his arms down her skirt and pressing his weight on her.

"No, please," she whispers, not in protest but in anticipation. Her jet black hair falls undone. Her stockinged feet escape from her shoes. She sinks herself into the familiar solid frame.

Their kiss deepens and lingers while their bodies intertwine like summer vines on a tree. He leans against her, holding and hiding her from everyone else.

Her heart cries a million tears. What passion they have buried in those years of being apart. Any misunderstandings were forgiven, any misgivings forgotten as they kiss their hunger away.

19 July 2004 Monday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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