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Instant intimacy

What is the equivalent of love at first sight in cyberspace?

Without seeing or hearing the person, all you have is text. How can you fall in love with someone's text?

"You can tell within the first few exchanges of a chat whether you're on the same wavelength," said my knowledgeable friend who spends a lot of time playing games in cyberspace.

"How do you know that you will get on?" I asked.

"Just like in real life, the first few sentences will give you a clue."

"You mean, you click? And you flow afterwards?"

"Yes, sort of like that. You know within the first few minutes whether you will get on."

When do you know that you click? When you laugh, that's when you get it.

With some people you go to and fro without getting anywhere. With others you might get a rhythm of conversation going and get into a rapport. It's those very few that you "click" such as having the same sense of humour. It could even extend as far as being soulmates.

Is the trick to instant intimacy the tickling of the senses, arousing in laughter?

In cyberspace, you can't hear, see, touch, or smell the other person. All you have are words. How powerful words can be when harnessed to evoke emotions!

I should know. It's the humourous entries that evoke a response from my readers.

When someone displays a sense of humour in an e-mail, I respond. Equally, however, I react to anyone who can cause me to cry or break my heart.

Instant intimacy. Instant reaction. Instant provocation. Instant results.

18 August 2004 Wednesday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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