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Pictionary tactics

Pictionary is a boardgame about communication among team members. You need at least two teams to play.

When you have more than 4 people, it's better to have more people on a team and fewer teams than more teams and fewer people per team. For example, it's better to have two teams of 3 each rather than 3 teams of two people each. The number of people on a team need not be even. If 5 people want to play, you can have one team of two and another of three.

You don't have to be an artist to win. You have to be good with associations --- and a big vocabulary certainly helps.

The key success factors to winning the game are as follows:

1- draw quickly and clearly

2- if your team member(s) don't get it, don't redraw what you have drawn, it just wastes time --- unless you can make it clearer

3- use association; such as not this but that

4- build the context to show the dimension or size of the object or concept. Build a process to show activity.

5- use symbols such as plus, minus, equal, cross, circle, arrow (keeping in mind that numbers and letters are not allowed)

6- draw an ear for "sounds like" as the word may sound like something that's easier to draw and get across

The first time I was introduced to this game was Christmas 1990 in Seattle. It brings people closer together. Try it! I paid 2 pounds for a used version at a charity shop in London. What a rare find it was! Since then I've played it with my friends from Seattle, from LA, and more recently in Brabant and Amsterdam.

26 December 2004 Tuesday

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