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Glenn Corneille, Dutch pianist 1970 - 2005

While preparing yesterday's Bon Journal entry, I googled "Glenn Corneille" to see if my review of his amazing performance two years ago would show up in the Google Rankings. I regularly check how well Google captures my writings.

"Glenn Corneille 1970 - 2005" it said on the top ranked site. I was shocked. The text was in Dutch and difficult for me to understand. He died on 23 August 2005 in a car accident on the A1 motorway, that main highway which connects Amsterdam to the Gooi, the area where I live. I knew that Glenn lived in Baarn, a place not too far away.

What was I doing on 23rd August 2005? I had decided to start updating the Bon Journal again. It was the beginning of fine summer days, long awaited after weeks of grey, cold, and wet wintery weather. That weekend I travelled via Baarn to play piano at an outdoor garden event. His funeral was on 29th August in the south.

I never knew Glenn. I only saw him play and talked to him briefly afterwards. That evening in October 2003, I witnessed the raw talent of a Dutch virtuoso on stage, live with the two other members of his jazz trio. Off stage, he was as normal as anyone, modest but full of energy.

A year later, I invited him, by e-mail, to my Steinway Welkom Fest. He wasn't able to make it. His schedule was packed to the rim. How I would have enjoyed listening to him play my new piano! I was counting on him to be the star of the evening. But alas! He was too busy!

I am grateful to have been in the audience and to have talked to him. I am very sad that he died so suddenly, so unexpectedly. As I listen to the mp3 on one of the sites I found, I am forever thankful that I decided to buy a CD from him that evening in 2003.

13 September 2005 Monday

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