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Holland vs Germany

Of course, I was going to wear my orange jacket (the hallmark of Bon Journal - see bottom right) and support the Dutch team in Euro 2004. My flaming orange jacket has never served a better purpose till now.

The pub behind the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam had a cosy atmosphere. My friend and I sat in the way back, squinting to watch the tiny TV screen in the front. Everyone else was middle aged and rather civilised. That is to say, we were the only ones wearing any shade of orange.

Orange comes from Prince William of Orange. Somehow it became the national colour. On Queen's Birthday and during football matches, people wear orange to show their support for their queen or their country.

Some people wear orange to prevent being trampled upon. Unknowingly I had worn the colours of the German football uniform (white and black) underneath my orange jacket. So I was very lucky, in my ignorance, to have worn my orange jacket. It was hardly a jacket, as it was too flimsy to keep me warm. But it did attract a lot of attention.

Germany scored fairly early into the game. The Dutch team members were on average much older than their competitors. You could see it in their effort in the game -- lots of skirmishings. The focus of the Dutch was on defense. The Germans were fearless and fearsome.

Football in Europe (known as soccer in the US) is a national sport, capable of reopening old wounds, forgiven but never forgotten. I missed the England vs France game in which France scored two points in the last two minutes to beat England. I wasn't about to miss Holland vs Germany. I half-expected to see blonde players, but instead found guys of Indonesian descent and those without blonde hair or blue eyes.

What do guys look for? Being female, I naturally admired the rippling muscles and good looking bodies. They were all young and full of life and promise. There was inertia and momentum. There was injustice and fair play.

Suddenly, the Dutch team made a goal. It happened so fast that it jerked me out of my trance. This was a real life game. I was sitting among the Dutch pretending to be Dutch.

16 June 2004 Wednesday

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