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Leeu Thai Restaurant Amsterdam

After the football game, my friends and I were famished. We wandered by foot from the Concertgebouw, across Museumplein, passing by the Rijksmuseum, and arrived at Leidsplein.

It was a busy evening. Everyone was happy that the Dutch team hadn't lost but had at least managed a tie against the German team.

We spotted a Thai restaurant and went inside.

The waiter who served us was clearly not Thai. He was Bangladeshi. That was the first warning sign.

The vermicelli seafood salad I ordered did not contain vermicelli. I sent it back. Minutes later the waiter brought the correct dish --- the same salad with stuffed vermicelli not properly softened. I was very disappointed.

My French friend ordered a chicken dish. It looked awful and did not taste like any Thai dish I've ever known.

My Dutch friend ordered beef curry which was plain and dull.

Our enthusiasm vanished as quickly as we realised we were dining at the worst Thai restaurant in Amsterdam. The waiter sensed this as he asked us apologetically about the half-eaten food.

We shook our heads simultaneously and in unison. "Is this a Thai restaurant or not?" we asked.

He apologised and brought us the bill. I asked him for the card of the restaurant and told him that I would make them famous.

I've had Thai food in Singapore, Germany, England, the US, and Thailand. Leeuw Thai Restaurant in Amsterdam is by far the worst of the worst.


Don't go to Leeuw Thai Restaurant at Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 60. The exact address is on the right. Make sure you don't go there. It is a rip-off. Don't waste your time, your money, or your taste buds. The food is absolutely awful.

17 June 2004 Thursday

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Leeuw Thai Restaurant
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 60
1017 RD Amsterdam
tel: 020 625 5894
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