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Forgotten love letters

The only handwritten letters I have kept over the years are love letters, long forgotten and long abandoned for the practicalities of the present.

I remember the exact moment in the summer of 1998, before moving out of my third floor flat in Westminster into the my house. Staring at the piles of handwritten letters from my family and friends, I consciously decided to throw away everything except letters from those people I was particularly fond of.

In this age of e-mails and online correspondence, I only get utility bills and Christmas cards in the post. Even postcards have disappeared into e-cards that don't print well. Handwritten letters have become a rarity. How precious they are now!

"Annie Babe! Got your letter and read it over many times! I called you last night and enjoyed every word - you cherishable Chinese!"

"Mmmmm Ann! Hey! I love getting a letter from you first thing upon arrival! .... and received your much cherished letter!! You're such a doll!"

"Ann, You're so sweet! You lovely girl!"

"Annie! I can't write quite at will now, the professor is sitting behind me! You're second letter was an incredible thrill! I've been waiting so long to hear from you. The mail was really slow with your second letter. Seventeen whole days! I suggest we both begin to use capitalized block letters in our addresses to ensure the most prompt deliveries."

"Hey Bud! I just read your letter and found it REAL pleasing! You work hard. Keep thinking that all you must do is for the great weekend you're going to have. It's going to be over by Friday afternoon good/bad, so try your best to make it good. So, stay cool, stay cute and forever be my best!"

"To My Best Buddy, I've often bathed in the warmth of your sincere sweet compliments and tender acts of good will. You have confided in me as I have in you, as no one has before."

"Ello me cheri, Ow you doing? Tis 7:43 PM on a Fried-day nite! Like yore shirt ya wore at bus stop! Was nice color combo but I fergot to say so. Rollerskating - must go roll-in soon! 11;45 on Siturday nite!"

"Yow! Yip! Yahoo! Apple Annie! How's that mountain of bummer homework? Mine is doing awwww okay. I hate English!! But the paper is done so never mind..... Well, Anniebuddy, I've got to go. You stay status quo and stay out of trouble till Richmond!"

These were the words that kept me going during those struggling years in college far away from home. Reading them brings back fond memories of being appreciated as a special, fun-loving person.

We never "broke up." I just moved to another country, and the relationship faded away. By the time I came back and we arranged to meet again, several lifetimes had passed. We were no longer young, and we could no longer flirt with life.

And so, I will place these letters in the recycling bin with the hope that the youth, the fun, and the love will return not someday but soon. Meanwhile, it's time to move on.

25 July 2004 Sunday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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