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Residents association meeting

As a residents association, we living on the same street have greater clout than as individuals trying to get the attention of the local council. But even as members of the same association we disagree.

I don't care about church goers parking in our street. I don't have a car.

I don't care about kids who stay up late and make a fuss in the park behind my garden. As long as they don't vandalise, steal, and litter, they don't bother me.

I can see why my neighbours would care though. They return home after a long weekend of shopping only to find nowhere to park near their house. They can't sleep at night with the kids playing in the back.

Remove the benches in the park, suggested one neighbour.

Shine a bright torch on the benches, suggested another.

Lock the gate at night. Police the park. Find their parents.

What can we do about the church? Don't say park with consideration. People will interpret that as leaving four feet gaps between cars.

It's tough being the coordinator of the residents association. The six committee members are all volunteers. The people who complain the loudest never turn up at these quarterly meetings.

The same issues are addressed at each meeting. Why do they take so long to resolve? Could it be that the "polluters" don't meet the "victims" and don't know the extent of their damage?

Bring in the church goers who park their cars when they could walk. Bring in those rowdy teenagers who have nothing else to do on a week night!

Let them face the residents association whose members tireless campaign for their complaints to be heard. Right on!

26 July 2004 Monday

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