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The art of flirting

"I wish I had stayed could have been fun to flirt that way..."

Hmmm. Is it easier to flirt online with an anonymous person?

A life coach I lunched with recently mentioned a flirt coach who had written two books on flirting.

"Flirt coach?" I exclaimed.

"Yes, someone who teaches you how to flirt."

Why not? Life coaches help you cope with your life and clutter coaches help you declutter. Obviously, people need to know how to flirt.

What is flirting? I asked this question when I started reading Harlequin romance novels as a shy teenager.

According to the Social Issues Research Centre, flirting is more than fun. It is an essential part of human communication, a basic instinct, a universal aspect of human interaction.

Flirting has been defined as casual conversation with a romantic spark.

The lack of familiarity certainly affects the effectiveness of flirtation. You can flirt effectively online, just like the way you don't reveal all your cards in a game of poker or the way you signal what you have or don't have in a game of bridge.

How do you flirt in real life?

Make direct eye contact to show interest. But a great deal of the art of flirting lies in the conversation.

Don't be desperate or direct. Don't reveal everything. Show interest but not too much.

A pleasant smile with a set of straight white teeth ---- that is flirtation in itself!

A set of nice white teeth will lead the temptation to a kiss and further flirtation.

Here's a fragment of a poem from a flirtatious online soul:

"your parted and pouting lips,
lined with little ivory chips,
beguiling and smiling
with all frowns dying
easy as you please
no black piano keys

26 August 2004 Thursday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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