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Rendezvous avec mon ami

Where do you arrange to meet nonsmoking friends from out of town? In a cosmopolitan city like Amsterdam, there are plenty of choices. Unfortunately, most places are not smoke-free nor smoke-discerning. The latter refers to dividing the smokers from the nonsmokers.

One exception is the Winter Garden, a former conservatory of a restaurant in the Grand Krasnapolski Hotel in Dam Square --- literally the centre of Amsterdam. A gourmet buffet breakfast awaits you between 6:30 am and 10:30 am every day. There is no need to reserve a table.

With glass roof ceilings many meters high, you get the sense of space and generosity as well as a glimpse into the past. Big plants adorn the mirror-lined walls. In the middle of this vast conservatory is a long counter with live chefs cooking omelettes and other delights to your satisfaction.

It's the second time I'm meeting little Jean Ruy who greeted me with a big smile. The first time I held him at my summer barbeque. Ah! Why are we always meeting to eat? Being half French, he ought to know!

Jean Ruy in December 2004 Winter Garden, Amsterdam

6 January 2005 Thursday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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