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Different kinds of holidays

You don't realise how much you need a holiday until you actually are on holiday.

Tired of studying for exams, doing homework, and the humdrum of daily routine, I told myself that I deserved a holiday. Then came the tale of the unreliable plasterer, the chap who was time-challenged, the promise of a one-day plastering job which stretched over two weeks. Several weeks after his last visit, I found myself unable to have a good night's sleep and longing to escape.

Here is a short essay on holiday planning. For the lucky few who can afford the time and money to go on holiday, read on. Going on holiday requires first the desire to "get away." Not everyone needs to "get away." As the saying goes, "home is where the heart is." But sometimes, your heart needs a holiday too.

To plan or not to plan

Most people plan their holidays around when they are able to take holidays. Salaried people and full-time students generally have holidays that coincide with peak travel periods. So early booking is essential.

People with more flexibility, such as the self-employed and the lucky few who don't need to work for a living, can afford to travel during the off-peak seasons. There is less need to plan ahead, for they can find accommodation after they arrive --- unless it is so off-peak that no one is around at all.

There is another bunch who can mix business with pleasure. They can extend their business trip into a vacation, with the major costs of travel and accommodation already paid for. Although these travellers are less sensitive to price, there is a potential constraint of feasibility ---- mixing business with pleasure. One example is travelling during the peak season.

Short weekend breaks

In Europe, scheduled airlines are lowering their fares to compete with the no-frills budget airlines. This means that short flights are becoming more affordable and attractive. In less than one hour, you can fly to some historic, exotic destination and spend a weekend in another world, another time. Flying isn't the only option. One must not forget the train, the car, the bus, and the bicycle.

Last minute holidays

Read "the myth of last minute flights." It is possible to book late but not too late. Some people are attracted to the pressure of a deadline, the adrenaline rush that comes from finding a good package late. Such holidays also appeal to the indecisive, those people who either don't like to plan or don't know how to plan ahead.


to be continued in the Decision Making Guide.

Interested readers, please write to the editor.

7 January 2005 Friday

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