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Forms don't work in Safari browsers

I have long relied on my PHP forms for readers to provide quick comments(Rate this entry) and to tell their friends about these Bon Journal entries (Tell your friends about this Bon Journal entry). It wasn't until recently that I discovered that these forms don't work in Safari browsers.

At first, I thought that the forms suddenly stopped working. This posed a major delivery risk for the sender and the intended recipients. Senders could be skeptical enough to see that the little pop-up window when appeared as a blank means that the form didn't work. If it said, "Please wait .....close this window," then the form was sent successfully.

Should I ignore this potential problem or try to warn my visitors that these forms don't work in Safari browsers? I could do any of the following:

1) Write this entry and hope that readers stumble upon it and read it.

2) Find out what percentage of readers are Mac users, what percentage of those use the Safari browser, and deduce from my detailed user statistics what percentage might use these forms.

3) Write to Safari Corporation and point out this bug.

4) Rewrite the PHP code so that it works in Safari browsers.

5) Stop worrying about it and trust that most readers are sensible enough to realise that a blank pop-up window means no delivery.

Question is, which would Bon Journal readers choose?

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24 August 2005 Wednesday

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