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A Wedding Rap

When my friend Christina sent me the link to her online wedding photo album last month, I suddenly realised how important it was to share with those who couldn't make it to her wedding in Seattle (myself included) as well as to remember those beautiful moments with those who did attend the wedding, such as that of Vivian and Serge in early September 2006 where I played background music at their French and Dutch wedding reception in Provence.

The goal of December 2006 was thus to compile the belated photo album of our wedding of October 2005, long after Christina's wedding of August 2006 !

What use is a traditional wedding photo album if my friends and family are not here to see it? Sure, it could possibly entice them to visit but more than likely it will lie on my bookshelf unnoticed. In this cyberage, an online photo album is in order. And with it, you will hear the groom's wedding speech, not the kind you expect at most weddings, but an original rap --- text below:

Here is something I wanna get across,
That we both get married is all because
She likes me and I really dig her
And our love grew bigger and bigger

Then there was a time that we just met
I want to recall before we forget
It's our story of romance and kissin'
Let me give it to ya'all please listen:

You know I love you, can't get my eyes off you
You know I love you, can't get my eyes off you

I know you are special, yeah I can tell
You get me in the zone, you cast a spell
And from day one I knew:
My life wouldn't be the same without you

I had nothing, just my cool
Enough to get you but not to keep you fooled
Keeping you was a real challenge for me
And hey, now you're my wife ya'all see!

You know I love you, can't get my eyes off you
You know I love you, can't get my eyes off you

It's been four years now for worse and for better
And now we choose a lifetime together
So much to do, so much to say
Seems we got started just yesterday

A long and winding road before us to go
And while we're going I would like you to know:

(low voice)            
You turn me on, feeling real strong like I wanna belong, can't stop, c'mon baby, let's dance

11 January 2007

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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