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January to June 2006

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27 June 2006

Hello, we are two girls who like to play of the music and who seek a partition duet of piano guitar, easy and pleasant, therefore could you send one of them to us please?
PS: your site is fabulous

26 June 2006

Hello Anne,

I was going through the "Dutch immersion course" section on how you learned dutch. i just moved from Egypt to Amsterdam after 14 years there and 9 years in Uk. I've come to the point that i have to learn Dutch and i was wondering if you could help me out by pointing out the contact details to the language center you were at.

I've been surfing the web for sometime looking for Dutch courses and so far your article got my attention, esp. the "nonlinear learning" part.

So i'd be very greatfull if you would mail me back some time soon.

22 June 2006

I never met Patty Vaughn, nor do I know any of her family. I do feel a strong connection to this case and have followed it for nearly a decade. My husband is from Floresville, His father worked for the Sheriffs department there, we lived there when this happened. With the recent searches in Natalia, it has brought new questions to light.

There are cases all over the world solved without a body. Criminals are convicted without a body. On a local news station, kens 5 or woai channel 4, some one from the law enforcement area here in San Antonio stated there was enough circumstancial evidence but without a body there was not a case.

Hello, we are in 2006, and I just wonder how much "small town America, Floresville, TX" has to do with this still being unsolved. I feel terrble for her mother, children, family and all that knew her. I feel their injustice. There is a new crime being commited, in allowing this person "WHO EVER HE IS", but I believe that is truely not a question. But the crime is he is free, while her loved ones suffer, with their hearts continuely being wrenched. Maybe some toes in Wilson County, beginning with Joe Tackitts, need to be stepped on. He does have a tendency to look the other way, no matter the crime, if you are one of his "Boys".

There is more than circumstancial evidence in this case, We are not in the dark ages, there is a ton of technology out there. This is one cold case, that never should have went cold. I pray for each of you every day, that you will have the strength just one more day. Justice will prevail, if someone kicks Wilson County in the hineteen.

4 June 2006

I found this site through a search engine because I am helping someone with learning how to read and understand music. I am a female but need both male and female solos and duets with piano. Currently I am a student in college and have grown up loving music.

3 June 2006

i am from pakistan and i have visited holland two time. I like holland and dutch people very much and want to learn dutch you may help me to do this i want to learn this language at advance level and in future i may get education in holland u may suggest me that what should i do now
i can come holland and learn dutch but it must be in short periods
best regards

ery greatfull if you would mail me back some time soon.

1 June 2006

Anne Ku is a genius. Although I have to say I wouldn't call her words to Torn Between Two Lovers a parady as usually that implies it's a funny version of the song. I found her version very moving and beautiful. Good Luck Anne!!!

20 May 2006

Yuan fen: unanswered vs unrequited love 31 May 2004 Bon Journal

this entry explains yuan fen perfectly - I could not have asked for a better translation. thanks!

19 May 2006

Bonjour Madame,
I have write the Dictionnaire universel des compositeurs de musique (38170 biographies) and I would be interested by some information : Which is your date of birth ?
Which were your professors of music and where ?
Which is your current activity ?
In a few words, which is your music ethic or your music philosophy ?
Thank you in advance.

19 May 2006

I am an International Educational Consultant in Turkey.I am interested in Dutch Language Courses in Nehterlands.I don't know if you can help me or not but if you know could you please send me the contact informations of any (affordable ones and good ones) Dutch Language Courses in Amsterdam ?? I havesearched on the internet but unfortunately couldnot find... if you can help me on this, I will be happy and be grateful.

Thank you from now for your interes and sincere help.

16 May 2006

your website is very good~lots of food for thought~I recognise the TATE MOD instalation
~It's my birthday on Saturday.If your not playing piano at a prestigious venue would you consider the Litten .Footsteps does have a Music group with Razz-Poet ,Performer and through bohemian-Fiends and Family to boot

15 May 2006

I have been browsing your page, what struck me was the article on Richard Chang my brother and yes, if you log in to Richard Chang Abbey, your article and bon journal shows up. There is an update and the family are pursuing a case to the Employment tribunal, for this summer. As the London sister, the national papers are interested in picking up the story. The family have very clear idea that their was foul play from the bank that led to Richard Chang's death. We are also experiencing discrimination from the police, where the failed to investigate soon after Richard. Typical, like all these other cases and family victims, black and asian or non white continually experience being marginalised.

13 May 2006

My Dutch is very poor; hope you can help. What does the phrase "hou ook van jou" mean? Can I say it to mean "I like you as well"?

11 May 2006

what a site !! i found this site exceptional . i am planning on visiting holland for a third time later on this year .

6 May 2006

i love music. i play violin and have tried composing but im not skilled enough (ive onlyu been playing for one year) but music is my exit. i just love music whether im playing or im listening it is very uplifting fro me. your music is very much enlightening anna kuy.

2 May 2006

I am hoping that you can contact me and let me know about something. I have heard a song that was sung by Elmer Fudd. However, the only thing that I can remember about it is that it talked about killing the rabbit. If you could help me with the name of this song or where i can find this song, I would greatly appreciate it.

29 April 2006

I am sorry to hve taken so long to write - the laptop crached and withit your email address. It turns out I am going to be playing some concerts in Germany at the end of May, and then some concerts in Cambridge around the 9th of June. So I may have a littl time to visit Holland if you think a concert can be organised in thatvenue you mentioned - at such short notice I know!

Also - do you know of any house concert circuits in England?

26 April 2006

Dear "long lost friend" Anne,

I've finally found you. Strangely, I was thinking of you a few weeks ago, and tried to find you on hotmail. Didn't work. I did receive your postcard you sent in 2003, but mislplaced it. We have moved twice from that old address. We actually moved out of Aragon Avenue in 1997. It so happened that we went back to the old house sometime in 2003 and the people there gave us your card. The misplaced postcard turned up when I was cleaning an old drawer.

Anyway, Hubert, Joshua, Jonathan and I are well. If you will give me your phone #, I will call you. I can't remember when we last met, but it has been a long long time. I can see that you are well and doing all that you love to do.

24 April 2006

Well im very interesed in the fur elise what i hear, and u make it its sound very well, i need you to send me the score of that fur elise because i love it, but i tryed to see the score and i just see a lot of dots and i dont understand that, please send me that score i want to touch that Fur Elise

12 April 2006

My mom asked me to find this website and attempt to contact you. We wanted to let you know that my dad, Mr. Bickley, passed away suddenly on April 8th. I posted a note on the Kubasaki Alumni website to let his former students know. But my mom really wanted to make sure you heard. I enjoyed looking at your website and hearing the humorous stories of my Dad as a teacher. He was my math teacher at Kubasaki for 3 years. I graduated from KHS in '92. If you have any other funny stories to share, I would appreciate hearing from you. Those are the kind of stories that make this tough time a little easier. Hope to hear from you soon.

5 April 2006

Hi, My name is Rachel, from Korea

i am staying at California,Orange county to visit my relatives and study =)

and have been playing piano ever since I was around 4.. I do love music and am living in music ( jus like U ! )

Fortunately, a week ago, I could get a time to play a piano at my friend's house by chance, and one of a guest in there seemed to be happy with my playing,, so he asked me to play music in his wedding ceremony on this july, 1st . ( awesome ! )

However, since I am Korean and don't have any idea about western people's wedding , especially what kind of song I play, how many songs, and when I play the music..and so on, so I visited your web site and could get a good rough idea about it, thank you =)

But still i dont think I get it enough,, So could you help me,plz? I 'd really appreciate if you help me with some information from your experience !!

What Id like to ask you is ...
(1) how many songs would be proper for each ceremony? i found we have 'prelude, processional, ceremony, recessional, and reception '. ...
(2)And in ur case, how long do you play for Reception usually?
(3) like when I sould play some particular songs like wedding song etc..
(4) do you have any other advise about those kind of things as a professional player?

oh, and for reference, he's gonna organize a small group of ochestra with violin, cello, and harp.

I know you would be busy.. but I will be truely happy if you answer me and let me have a great memory here.. wouldn't it be great?

I m expecting an answer from you,, and till that time, i will be happy =) thank you.!

4 April 2006

Blast from the past at Kubasaki High School! I have been jotting thoughts in "The Book of Lists," and I just happened upon a page about mentors. I wrote about Mr. Scales and what a powerful influence he was upon me. I decided to try to find him via a Google search. Lo and behold, your blog came up. How are you? It certainly sounds as though you are leading quite a full life!

2 April 2006


1 April 2006

Dear Miss Anne,

I am glad to contact you indeed.
I am a Moroccan fourth year university student in the English department
in the university of Fes.
As I am very interested in giving a Dutch taste to my study project,I am
wondering whether you could send me,if you can, some names of institutes in the Netherlands which teach Dutch for foreigners.

Thanking you in anticipation.

30 March 2006

I just discovered your site thru google search for "Teresa Teng". But then I found out your diary, it was interesting, has lot of knowledge, emotion, traditional chinese stuff. I'm still reading it...

As about myself, I'm chinese live in North Corolina doing computer stuff (database administrator) My interest include wide variery of thing such as traveling, fishing, hiking, biking, camping, you know lots of outdoor stuff, as to indoor, I like to go on to google search(whatever topic is), listen to the music ( I like the music you done for your friend's wedding), cooking, light reading.

29 March 2006

Good Day to you,
My name is james A female modelling in west Africa.I will like you to know that I am interested in renting your room for 2months so that I can stay there for the moment i arrive for a concert in the holland. I will like you to give me the cost of renting the room for 2months and all the bill need to pay before i got there. Waiting to hear from Back asap.
Best Regards.

22 March 2006

I discovered the analyticalQ link via Google on account of an assignment I have to do for my highschool Literature Class I am to make A music Video and I chose to do it on the Titanic I came across the Theme song and I was wondering considering the fact that it is Copyrighted if I may use the song for my Video. Credit of course would go to you for the song! I have my classes intrest at heart and would really appreciate it if you said yes! of course I'm not quite sure this is the way you get to use something that was copyrighted anyway if you could help me out or lead me in the right direction it would be appreciated!

18 March 2006

Just wanted to say hello. It has been a few years since I last emailed you. You look great. You were and are still a vary smart cookie. It was great to find you on the website.

14 March 2006

I do not know if you can help me but I give it a try.
I need some information and I do not know where to get it. My sister wants to come to study Dutch in Holland. I mean a year study .I am from Romania. Please answer me if you know something about that. Thank you.

12 March 2006

It was VERY nice to join the concert in Vredenburg Utrecht. It's so valuable for travel more than 3 hours by train. ;) Thanks for your kind invitation!!

Hope I can join your Piano and Guitar Duo next time.

11 March 2006

heloo...im half dutch half lebanese... my mom is dutch..i came from the ivory coast(somwhere in africa :) )well we came to utrecht to finish my studies and same goes to my brother... im 19 and my brother is 20..im not a smoker but my brother is but he doesnt mind smoking outside the house..i need to moove as early as possible... and about the budget i woul like to know whats available in the appartment and what is ur asking price... thx in advance

11 March 2006

I am looking for accomodation for Saturday night March 25 in Utrecht, for 3 adults. Is your house available and what is the total cost?

9 March 2006

Hi... i stumble on this site quite accidentally, I just looked for a chinese herb.. and i discover this interesting site...

Im quite comfortable sending this message because, after browsing through the photographs, I can see a part of myself in them... like.. I also love cats... im Asian - a race where family value is measured by how long you all have been staying together and caring for each other....

I say gud luck to you Ms. Anne Ku...this is an amazing work of passion...

7 March 2006

dear anne hallo.. michele and I send you spring greetings and hope that you are well and surprising yourself and hopefully another..I wanted to share the first fruits of myearliest emailefforts with my true initiatingcybergenie thyself.but i had not thy address -email.so i resort to this last..i know not if you use his hosting but tender you a mixed thankyou for introducing yvan..he has at last --THROUGH A BAPTISM OF FIREWALL OVERKILL AND misspelt configuratyions-- got us off the ground!SO from our spaceshiplaunching we gagarinesquely and laudibly cry P A Y A K O L I !

6 March 2006

I am 13 and playing for a 4-H group tomorrow and just wanted to be sure it was alright with you to play one of the copyrighted free pieces on your website (Titanic) on my flute.

I really like what I have seen of yours and am saving money to buy a CD.

5 March 2006

Hi I need some music transposing its a trumpet part for Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5. its in A so i want it transposing down a semi-tone so it can be played on Bb trumpet could you do this? if so let me know it would be a big help for my student

4 March 2006

I am like you and love sightreading. I am starting a sight reading quartet in west london on Sunday afternoons. It would be great if we could meet and try out lots of music. I would love to play the Mozart and Beethoven sonatas again with you perhaps? I have just had a baby so off from playing with the London symphony orchestras till finished breast feeding.

Thanks for your wonderful e-mail. Next time I'm in London let's get together and sightread some music. What instrument do you play? I am guessing it's the violin. I was just thinking of starting a prima vista ensemble.

2 March 2006

I'm looking for an old dutch kids prayer. It starts out with Handjies gevowen?

Any chance you heard of it? My spelling is inaccurate as you can see.

19 February 2006

Oh I like classical music like Beethoven and all. I like the songs off of TITANIC too. I am playing the "My Heart Will Go On" song. I have all 10 pages memorized, and I only started piano lessons a little less than a year ago. Well, I'll talk to you later.

17 February 2006

I am 14 and I would like to get the variation on the Fur Elise. I know (and have memorized) the original version. I really like this one alot!!! I would like to buy the sheet music for it. How much does it cost, and would you take a check if I sent it to you? Thank-You so much.

Bon Journal:
Buy a CD
from me and I'll be happy to email you the 3 page PDF score.

16 February 2006

I would like to buy 4 tickets for your guitar-piano show in Visserij Museum in Vlaardingen. could you help me to reserve four good seats? or shall I pay in advance for that? Because their website was a kind of difficult for non-dutch speaking people.

Visserij Museum in Vlaardingen, Netherlands

Bon Journal:
Thanks for your interest in the piano guitar duo concert of Sunday 26 February at 2:30 pm. Please call the number listed on the site for tickets.

16 February 2006

Regarding the bon journal entry, Fresh Soya Milk, is it necessary to boil the soya milk after making. I am on a raw food diet, trying to go 100% and would prefer not to boil.

Bon Journal:
I suppose it's possible to drink it raw. My mom always boiled it for a better taste and, as I found recently, it lasts longer if boiled. However I'm neither a medical doctor nor a nutritionist. So I can't give you advice on whether you should drink it unboiled.

3 February 2006

I am looking to work in holland and seeking accommodation Im not sure what sort of accommodation but it can be a one bedroom flat,, a studio or unfurnised flat,

What is the price you have place for renting this flat.

Is there the option of applying for housing Benifit (UNEMPOYMENT RENT PAYMENTs) I can pay deposit,but will need to find/gain work there.

Thank you for being so honest. Most landlords stay away from people who are not employed and wish to apply for housing benefit. It's too much risk. I suppose one could take away the risk if you pay everything upfront in cash.

2 February 2006

hello i am interested in learning the dutch language i currently live in Uden and work here,i am from Greece and although i speak English i would like to learn dutch.Please give me information how i can do that here my best

27 January 2006

Reading your article "Trading with a small t", I thought it would be good if I could talk further with the person who wrote it.

As simply as we usually do in such circumstances, I just typed your name on the web.

What a surprise to find your site and the variety of your interests in life!

How interesting to see you learning Dutch and playing the piano, giving all at once counsels for wedding music and time management! It's good to hear from people like you, who remind us all that behind a brain, there is a body and a soul!

I am myself playing the recorder (I am particularly fan of Jacob van Eyck, 16th century in Utrecht, Netherlands), play or direct choirs for wedding, and teach philosophy. Ik spreek ook een beetje nederland en vind het heel leuk!

So, thank you very much for your site. I am tempted to put it somewhere in my favourite for inspiration... and to learn more at your "école buissonière"

I am currently organising a workshop that will take place mid February to re-visit the concept "trading around the assets" applied in my group, identify what it really means, compare the representation various people can have about it, get to one single definition if it makes sense, and identify the tools that are in place to monitor that we stay within the lines defined.

Thank you for your music, it's very charming!

11 January 2006

I wanna buy: "Option Pricing: Mathematical Models and Computation" by Wilmott, et al.

I presume the "if you would like to get a reply..." comment is a joke (at least for us book buyers)?

Thanks in advance.

Bon Journal:
I have that book and lots of other technical books on finance, economics, and mathematics still for sale. How urgently do you need it?

9 January 2006

J'aimerais de la musique populaire Suisse-Française pour Accordeon à Piano, je joue depuis 50 ans.
Par ex.: boire un petit coup c'est agréable etc, pour chanter.
Merci beaucoup de me repondre

Bon Journal:
Sorry, my French is not good enough to understand you. I think you are saying that you love the popular Swiss/French music for accordion and piano. The rest is all French to me.
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