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July to December 2006

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22 December 2006

Hello from Nord! Your site is very interesting! Keep up the good job.

20 December 2006

Hi, I was looking for David Scotchie's email address on the net , (he has a new one)and got your site...David is a friend of mine and he went to Duke and plays the piano, so it has to be the same guy. He is now a Catholic pastor in Orlando...do you keep in touch with him? The funny thing is I live in the Netherlands also...in Leiden. The world is so small! Anyway his email address is at http://www.avaloncatholic.org. Send him an email and tell him how you got it! he will laugh! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!! And two of my kids take piano lessons.

19 December 2006

My compliments on your website and the useful information on it. I truly
believe in that the traveling community should share information via the

I have an travel article that I would love to publish on your website about
traveling South America. The article was written by me. I am a lover of travel
along with a writer of sections of the www.allaboutsouthamericatravel.com

19 December 2006

My wife, Trudy, and I live in melbourne , Australia. We are both aged 59 and are retired. Trudy was born in Holland and her family migrated to Australia when she was two years old. Trudy has been back "home" to Holland an several occasions to visit the few remaining family members still living there ( Amersfoort), but would like to spend about 3 weeks outside the family network getting a closer more personal feel for the Netherlands.

We think Utrecht would be a good place to do this because as a universtity city it has a lively cultural life, and it is centrally located to enable day trips to other parts of the country. Utrecht is also a very beautiful city in its own right .

We enjoy music , ballet, art, history and nature.Trudy speaks adequate Dutch and I speak none ( but am learning Greek -as a challenge-if that helps !).

We are thinking of coming to Holland in May /June .

Do you have vacancies about this time ? If not, do you have any suggestions ?

Thank you very much

Dear Reader:
My email to yours keep bouncing back. Hopeully you willl check this and send me an email address that works.

18 December 2006

Dear Friends,
We are writing to you with the hope that you will support the ARK Studios, a local Ealing arts group who have been given notice of eviction. Yousif Naser, one of our key Featured Artists at The Art Ministry spearheads the ARK, contributing to the creative and cultural milieu in Ealing. Read full story here.
Attached is a petition to be sent to key personnel in Ealing Council, MP’s and MEP’s with the hope that they will step in and assist the ARK with alternative premises. Recently a spokeswoman from Ealing council gave a statement in the Ealing Gazette stating that help would be given to find new premises, but not a time frame.
Your support will ensure that an alternative building is granted speedily to the ARK and that Ealing Council keeps to their word.

All you have to do is send the attached petition.
Thank you for your support.
Shakila Taranum Maan and Anita McKay at The Art Ministry

13 December 2006

Regarding "An old grand piano and its abandoned soul 29 March 2004 Bon Journal"
at http://www.bonjournal.com/entries/j040329.htm

I made exactly the same experience by falling in love with an old lovely one!!!it´s being restored right now while I am writing these lines!All the best to you.by the way it is an old GERHARD ADAM SER.nr.12990----do you know the year of building it?

I just fell in love and just bought an GERHARD ADAM serial number 12990----
now I would like to know, when it was built...
how can I find out??
do you have a clue?

and thanx for your article---it was like speaking my mind!

3 December 2006

my name is walison and i am a male
I would like to know informations about a trial of deportation q occurred in the day 16 of August of 2006, the person that was deported is my cousin and dont speaks english therefore I am translating into him. port reference is TN2/1224430 name of him deported Rennan nascimento
at once I thank your help.

1 December 2006

We are a family of four (two adults and two teenage daughters) teaching in a study abroad program near Bloomsbury in the fall of 2007 (September through the middle of December). This will be our second such experience in London. Please let us know if your home is available during that time and if you think it could accomodate 4 people. We are all small in size and don't require much space. We are also neat and quiet. Thank you.

28 November 2006

I’m a pianist and I’m very interested on the music of Robert Avalon.
Can you please inform me where I can obtain scores (sheet music) from his compositions (works for piano solo and Cello-Sonata).
Do his estate is in an archive or in a library?

Thank you very much and best wishes

27 November 2006

I was looking for a B&B in Bussum, Holland, and found your site on the web, and specifically this article.

But nowhere do I find information on how to contact either of these B&B's.
Can you help me?

26 November 2006

Greetings from Rajasthan, India

Happened to visit your Website http://www.analyticalq.com/
& liked it very much. I thought that it might be useful for us to swap Links, as we have a website promoting tourism in Udaipur. We are always
interested in swapping links with good quality site like yours.
So may we request you to Swap Links with your Website, that will help both of us in driving Traffic.

26 November 2006

Can I send an article to Bon Journal?? A search engine...Google
I was searching for "God is a chemical engineer"

I am student of Chemical Technology in the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

It was nice reading some of your diary notes.

22 November 2006

Hey, I was checking my web blog stats, and I saw that someone had visit from your site. I see that you have placed a link on there. Cool. Thanks.
One thing, I would like to request. Can you take my surname off the link? (I feel a little bit uncomfortable with my full name there). 

21 November 2006

Hello, I am fascinated my your listing. I think it might be perfect for me. I will be studying at Utrecht University, Faculty of Law this winter and spring and I am looking for housing nearby. I hope to find a place from January through the end of April. I will be traveling with my two lovely dogs, they are prefectly housetrained and well-behaved. I am happy to provide references to you from landlords in the US. I have always been a very responsible tenant and have never had any trouble with the dogs, everyone loves them. Neither one barks at all, one is a retired/rescued Greyhound and the other is an older Dachshund. Your apartment would be perfect for me, because it is so close to the university. Please let me know if you would like any more information from me. I am a 30 year-old, single woman (and vegetarian!) and am finishing up my law degree at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.
Thank you very much!

9 November 2006

I have a Gerhard Adam Wesel piano that was giving up to me by my grand-father. I cant find any informations on the web but you page. I would have like to know if you can help me.

7 November 2006

I don't know if you remember me, but we went to high school together at Kubasaki, in Okinawa, and hung out together for a while before my father was transferred to Yokota AB. I recently signed up on classmates.com and was browsing friends from Yokota and Kubasaki, when I remembered you from my past. Of course, I googled your name and after some effort (adding the "e" made it more difficult), I found out your famous!! It was always meant to be. I lost track of you after you moved to Singapore to work for a bank, and then left on a sabbatical.

I've been staying busy since college. I am currently studying law in Phoenix, Arizona, and am married with four grandchildren (I inherited the grandkids as a result of the marriage - we've been married for less than two years). I always wondered what happened with you, and hoped to someday learn how you'd fared. Today I learned. Congratulations on your accomplishments. Those of us who knew you in high school were certain you were destined for great things. Please feel free to drop me a line when you get a chance. If you have any concerts coming up in the U.S., I'd love to know when and where you are playing.

6 November 2006

Regarding "Different kinds of holidays 7 January 2005 Bon Journal"
at http://www.bonjournal.com/entries/j050107.htm

I just want to know different kind of holidays

4 November 2006

Hi...I was wondering if you can give me a free sheet of music for the Titanic..or any other song that is good. I went to google and found this website. I am a female and live in Cypress. I'm interested in music and I love math. I hope that you will add more music to this site. Thank you.

24 October 2006

hi, i play cello and flute and i found ur site on google..i am wndering if you can put a peice from jarassic park on?

well i would like it if you could, ty.


can you please reply anyway ?

19 October 2006

Your house sounds ideal, similar but more mordern than my betsit. Where I live at Southend in Essex, south east England, my bedsit costs £70 a week. I'm thinking of moving and working in Holland. To give me some idea, could you tell me how much one of your rooms cost to rent per week/month.

18 October 2006

My name is Lucy, I am the webmaster (webmistress) of BooksPrice.com and I would like to inform you regarding our web site. We got to your site -analyticalQ- through a link of yahoo and I would like to ask you to add our link on it:

14 October 2006


Dear Reader
What a great BINGO question! What fun to do your homework! Good Luck!

11 October 2006

Regarding "A novel yet to be written 22 August 2004 Bon Journal"
at http://www.bonjournal.com/entries/j040822.htm

This entry is all too familiar. I write in my journal about how I feel and it is mostly about someone that I truly care about and can't have. Writing is therapeutic. I enjoy it.

5 October 2006

Dr. Ku: When is your book "Making Personal Decisions" going to be published; or has it already been published?

I am a retired engineer with a 40+ year interest in decision making. I found you through "googling"

3 October 2006

Hi! Keep up the bleep bleep. Very nicely done. Many thanks. I will bookmark!

3 October 2006

I have had a piano marked Gerhard Adam Wessel, as well as C.A. Andre, Frankfurt A/M
and was wondering if it would be worth the repair, if the value is only in my heart.
The piano was purchased when we lived in Frankfurt, Germany. It also has fixed to it, two brass candlesticks.

Thank you for any information you could supply to me.

26 September 2006

Relocating to London with spouse, whose office is in Liverpool Street. Need advise on rental flats and areas close by. Safe and good neighbourhood, close to shopping complex. super market most imp well connected to tube, proximity to school.

19 September 2006

We love your piece 'At Arundel' and wonder if we may include it in our online magazine Arundel-Life on www.arundel-online.com or www.arundel-life.com

5 September 2006

Your site is odd but good.

I don't know how I found your site, but I am a big cat fan -- my cat's called, Mr. Tibbs (he's all black kitten).

out of interest are you really that lady in the right hand corner (that mini pic)?

30 August 2006

hey i was wondering if that you could translate the sheet music into a keyboard type thing. Im not trying to steal music i just want to have fun and im kinda intrested in music. i dont even know how to read music. but i do know that i enjoy playing music and listening it form together. i would appreciate it if you could do this for me. im even just pushing keys to see how they sound and ive made a pretty good start to a song.

If you cant its ok

26 August 2006

i would like to know some information about how can i subscribe in schools in netherlands.

24 August 2006

I too was taught by Darwin Scales while attending high school in the Philippines. What a wonderful man and teacher who I will always remember as the best teacher I ever had.

Lucky us to have known him. Do you know anything about where he is now? If so, I would love to contact him.

20 August 2006

You and your music are incredible. The sounds you create are amazing. You are also a very beautiful woman. Your eyes and smile are perfect. The combination is history in the making.
Smiles and blue skies

15 August 2006

i discovered analyticalq throuh search engine.I,m male ugandan operating students hostel in Mpigi district central part o0f the country uganda.I did b.Tourism i work in the field of hospitality.I would like to get more information on Anne Ku's experiance in hotels

11 august 2006

Hi. I am a young girl turning 13. I aggree with your comment about children loving this composition. I want to thank you for aranging this website and all your hard word work you dedicated towards this. As soon as i had printed out the piano part i began to work at playing it. it took a LONG while to be able to play such a hard peice but i eventually got there! I soon entered a compitition for best pianist. I entered playing with this peice. I won. I went home with a trophy. The next day someone called my mum. they said they want to meet us about my preformance. WHen we got to meet them they told me that they would like to give me a scholership at London Trinity College for music. i am now sitting this course. my agent said that i shall be meeting with celene Dion. and doya know what, its all thanks to you. Thanks very much.

5 August 2006

Hi Anne. Came across your site and remembered your name from days gone by. I still do the degree-day service for energy managers but am branching out - if you have a minute please look at www.vesma.com and let me know whether there might be scope to collaborate

26 July 2006

I recently came accross your website and was impressed with the quantity and quality of your London information (http://www.analyticalq.com/london/default.htm). I recently returned from London and agree with your saying - If you are tired of London, then you are tired of life. While I was there, I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel London and was surprised that this hotel was not listed on your hotels that you would stay if someone else was paying for it. I highly recommend this hotel.

Thanks for the informative site.

26 July 2006

I am editor of The Sangamon Star, a nice and funny newspaper in Central Illinois, USA. We use a lot of cat pictures.

I would like to publish your picture of Mr Tidworth at 6 weeks. In return I will credit your website. Please let me know ASAP if that is acceptable.

18 July 2006

Can all your readers sell/swap/exchange items on your site? I was fortunate enough today to stumble on your website. I love it! Thanks again!

17 July 2006

Dear editor
Regarding "Getting to Naarden Vesting 9 September 2005 Bon Journal"

Yes, very much and commented I was born in Holland and lived in Naarden Bussum till 1950, my parents immegrated to Australia [West]

16 July 2006

heeft u mischien ook duet liedjes van de titanic, dus bevoorbeeld met twee klarinetten.
u kunt me terug sturen op

11 July 2006

thanks you auntie anne for everything.

Ming Ren

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