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The black hole syndrome
How it feels to be in it
Pros and cons of being in it
What causes it?
How to get out of the hole

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The black hole syndrome

You might have seen it:

the face of a classmate, pale and expressionless, devoid of energy, where once the summer bloom and the smile there is only bleak nothingness

the sad blue eyes of someone who suffers from clinical depression, who speaks with no emotion or enthusiasm

the stuttered gait of a man in his thirties who talks and moves like an old man, slowly and with much effort, he has nothing to look forward to and nothing to leave behind

the frightened look of a young woman uncertain of her fate as a new mother and unhappy to get everything she's always dreamed of having

In the next four Bon Journal entries, I attempt to analyse the so-called "black hole syndrome." Perhaps you've fallen into it at some stage in your life.

Note: this is not medical analysis or advice by any means.

9 January 2005 Sunday

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Anne Ku at Ilp in May 2001
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