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The black hole syndrome
How it feels to be in it
Pros and cons of being in it
What causes it?
How to get out of the hole

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The black hole syndrome

Part 4: How to get out of the hole

Avoid the causes or triggers of the black hole syndrome or find strategies to cope with them.

Force yourself to smile and laugh.

Face the sun, get the light and the warmth. Fly somewhere warm and bright in the winter.

If you can't get enough sun, create it inside. Light up your home --- everywhere. Keep warm.

Interact and socialise with other people. Human contact helps greatly.

Exercise. It is very important to move. Physical workout releases endorphins which make you feel good.

Create. Produce. Achieve. Do something to show progress.

Dress up to go out. The very act of getting ready to go somewhere and having something to look forward to changes you. For women, put on make-up and wear something nice. For men, shave and wear something nice.

Finally, ....

Allow yourself to hit rock bottom so that the only way is up. Beware of the risks!

Forthcoming: book review of an e-book on depression

13 January 2005 Thursday

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