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The black hole syndrome
How it feels to be in it
Pros and cons of being in it
What causes it?
How to get out of the hole

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The black hole syndrome

Part 3: What causes it?

Medical science now recognises depression as an illness that can be relieved through drugs. In many societies it is not acknowledged as something worthy of attention. It could be a temporary state of mind, such as when one is in mourning or when one is exhausted.

The following list are potential triggers:

long dark winters: if you are used to shorter winters or no winters at all, you will have difficulty coping with the lack of natural light and the necessary changes in your lifestyle

weather (related to long dark winters): unpleasant to be outdoors, you develop a preference for indoors without realising the huge reduction in daily movement

isolation: human beings are social creatures. When you interact, you move. When you don't, you become still.

lack of progress: human beings need to see and feel progress, that every day is a new day, a sign of life.

physical inactivity: a sedentary lifestyle often accompanies the long dark winters

nothing to look forward to: similar to progress, we need to "expect" a future such as having the pressure of deadlines and the anticipation of a reward such as a holiday or a visit

procrastination: deliberate abstinence from activity, dreading the passing of time; this leads to inactivity and stillness

sudden inactivity after too much activity: a loss of energy, complete exhaustion

inexplicable, complicated grief or feelings of helplessness

12 January 2005 Wednesday

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